our theory

We are a couple of hippies/agricultural enthusiasts with a passion to grow, create and encourage healthy living. Our goal is to live consciously and sustainably. We are manifesting a garden & life that will bring access to plant based foods & nutrition guidance to anyone who needs it.

We believe we all have the power to grow our own food, work together, share our knowledge & veggies! 

We hope our love of nature, nutrition & life transcends through our products.

Hippie theory began as a small idea, but has blossomed into a life purpose to create & plant seeds to heal ourselves from the inside out. Our business has became an abundant journey to spread the word of herbal skin care, eating life-giving foods & loving our own skin. 

We are so full of gratitude for the friends & support we've experienced. We look to repay it three times back & so it will be. 

Hippie theory has changed the way we live while opening us to this entirely new world. We are again so full of gratitude to be with you on this journey & to continue learning.

We incorporate our own homegrown herbs into everything we make.

We all deserve health, happiness & love!

Handmade with love from our Farmhouse in Texas.

-Callie & Colby @hippietheory 

Email us anytime & don't be a stranger Hippietheory@gmail.com