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Tap into Spring

As the plants peep their heads back up from a long winter sleep I am inspired to shake off the old and prepare for big summer blooms myself.

Here are some ways you can dust off the winter blues and get that groove back.

1. Eat with the season. Look to add color and crispness to your plate with spring veggies like Arugula. This yummy green is digestion loving and makes any dish pop. Roast Arugula in the oven, toss with your salad or try it air-fried for a delicious snack. Artichoke hearts are another Spring bloom-er and it is...

How are oils detrimental to our health

If you’ve ever read the ingredients on fast food or pop tarts you’d find a couple different oils that are highly toxic to our health. 

“But it’s just vegetable oil, aren’t they good for us”?

These oils go through a series of being heated and treated to smell, taste and even be a presentable color. This process creates a toxic byproduct that hinders our cell’s ability to function.

When we consume these oils (canola, cottonseed, sunflower, soybean, corn, sesame, grapeseed) we expose our cells to free radicals. Free radicals bring inflammation and disease like obesity, heart disease, cancer, dementia even...

Unschooling theories

We couldn’t imagine a more perfect life than one that is free of time limits, tests, deadlines and alarms. Why not live life exactly how you want to? Instead of waking up to alarms we wake with the sun and there is already less stress at the start of the day. 
We breathe easier knowing we do not have to impress strangers with our appearance, grades or social...

5 theories how we as parents crowd our child’s intuition

Here are a few ways we could be stifling someone’s space to be themselves without need for approval. As parents who have experienced divorce we understand how we were on a path to dismantling our children’s intuition and self esteem. We now see how our words and the food we feed our children will affect them as adults.

Parents may be crowding their children’s intuition and gut feelings. This disconnection causes them to seek approval or doubt their own decision making.

We’ve written a few things that we’ve become aware of as parents.

-Not allowing a child to say “no”...

6 theories on breaking generational curses

Here are a few of our ‘theories’ to help someone see their power and realize they can continue life more peacefully by putting an END to toxic and negative behaviors within familys.

- SAY HOW YOU FEEL. No matter how uncomfortable it may be or if we are terrified of the outcome/response. By suppressing our true feelings we are suppressing the soul and any chance of resolution. We may feel like we are making a situation less difficult by remaining quiet or complacent. When we do this we are just ensuring repetition.

-SAY NO FEARLESSLY. We do not need an...