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Unschooling with nature

Children are these limitless beings with a huge desire to explore and utilize their own senses and discernment’s. When we give them the space to learn at the their own pace they flourish. 

We haven’t always seen it this way though. It took years of experiencing the school system fist hand to see that our children deserved more. More time to run and be free. More time to explore themselves and their talents. That is how we connect with ourselves. We have discovered that they have a better understanding of how the world actually works.

Through unschooling your child will not be afraid of adversity or strict schedules. They will see that they have all the time in this world to develop into themselves. One without a 9-5 routine and dependent on rules. 

Let them see the world from behind their eyes and not a desk. To use the bathroom when they choose and read books under a tree barefoot. This stimulates the brain unlike anything else. Let them get their hands dirty and use their outside voice more. This creates independent, strong willed adults that know their own voice and aren’t afraid to use it.

If you’re interested in the world of unschooling please feel free to contact us.

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