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Unschooling theories

We couldn’t imagine a more perfect life than one that is free of time limits, tests, deadlines and alarms. Why not live life exactly how you want to? Instead of waking up to alarms we wake with the sun and there is already less stress at the start of the day. 
We breathe easier knowing we do not have to impress strangers with our appearance, grades or social status. We can just be ourselves. We can go wherever we want and meet new people every day. Why limit our socialization to the same building and people day in and day out?
We have four children between us and three of them have been enrolled in the public school system. From what we have learned it seems like a daily struggle of forcing each other to do something we all loathe. The only relief from this stress we get is the weekends. What kind of life are we living where we drag our feet to do something we believe is vital to our future success?
What if we did not need perfect attendance, tests, homework and to sit in a classroom all day?
What if all we needed was nature, our intuition and the space to grow into ourselves?
We’d love to hear about your unschooling experience. Reach out to us and don’t be a stranger!

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