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Tap into Spring

As the plants peep their heads back up from a long winter sleep I am inspired to shake off the old and prepare for big summer blooms myself.

Here are some ways you can dust off the winter blues and get that groove back.

1. Eat with the season. Look to add color and crispness to your plate with spring veggies like Arugula. This yummy green is digestion loving and makes any dish pop. Roast Arugula in the oven, toss with your salad or try it air-fried for a delicious snack. Artichoke hearts are another Spring bloom-er and it is fantastic on pizzas and salads.

2. Remove those old things tucked away in a closet or cupboard. These create stagnant energy and block the flow of abundance. Try cleaning out some things you’ve unconsciously held onto. You’d be amazed at how refreshing this feels.

3. Plant some seeds. Whether you are an avid gardener or have never grown anything. Spring is about rebirth, fertility, and growth. You’ll be ecstatic to see those little seeds sprout into a flower. Herbs like basil, cilantro, savory, and dill are easy to grow and can be done on a window inside. Adding freshly picked herbs to your meals is a beautiful way to tune in to the season.

4. Visit your local national parks and Farmer's market. These always show us how much Mother Nature is buzzing with life.

We wish you a happy planting season and hope you find your groove.

Please feel free to reach out to us for planting advice or any questions.
- Callie and Colby Sherwood





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