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Herbs for kids

To some a taboo but to us plant medicine has proven its power over drug store medication.

We hope to share this ancient knowledge with our children so they respect the earth and thus their own vessels. They will have confidence in their body’s and discernment for consumptions.
 It’s right under our nose but we turn to lab made concoctions with long term damage. 

What comes up for you when the discussion of plant medicine comes up? 



Should children learn about herbs?

Should children learn about herbs?

We’ve had the pleasure and joy watching our children grow, identify, taste and learn about the different herbs we grow.

It gives them a knack for choosing aromatic herbs for cooking and baking. They can grab a lambs ear or comfrey leaf for bug bites or boo-boos. The ability to understand plants uses for their body is a very useful tool.

The joy is incomparable when you sniff a rose, peppermint or Rosemary. Plants light up their senses while they learn.

 Its never too soon to explore the magic of herbalism!