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Lemongrass in the garden

Lemongrass with it’s tall and sharp leaves blowing in the wind with a scent like the sun. We love this herb and not just for it’s signature smell, but how ‘easy’ it grows with little maintenance. 

This majestic plant has so many herbal uses like being a natural astringent meaning it ‘tightens’ tissues. Lemongrass is full of antioxidants and can stimulate the uterus bring on menstruation. Add lemongrass to your tea for to reduce inflammation in the body and support the heart. Use the tea as a natural toner for skin. We enjoy the sunshine taste of...

Growing gardens with kids

Initially our family as a whole was hesitant about the whole ‘get dirty and plant seeds’ concept. But alas we found our groove and our children went from seeing tiny seeds to big plants to eat, smell and pick. We were hooked despite the constant hard work.

We encourage our children by setting goals and letting them know how much their effort means. There is nothing sweeter than a freshly picked blackberry from your own backyard when you know you helped make that happen. Your children will understand the fruits of their labor and patience when tending to the ground.