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Sage magic

The word Sage derives from the word salvare meaning ‘to heal’. Sage has been worshipped for centuries for its magic.
Studies have shown that Sage rejuvenates memory and cognitive ability.

Ingesting Sage can make you more alert and able to recant thoughts. We’ve always enjoyed creating teas with freshly harvested Sage for its unique taste and ability to ease a worried mind.

Along with brain boosting power Sage carries with it powerful antioxidants that kill cancer cells. Antioxidants are resistant to the free radicals that damage our cells. Antioxidants prevent those cancer cells from flourishing.

Nothing is stopping you from growing this magical herb.

We have been growing Sage for years and we have lost a few dead plants. Nonetheless, we’ve continued to learn and get better.

Today we have almost 10 Sage plants thriving despite some harsh winters here in zone 7b/8a. Whether you begin from seed or start have a sunny spot that does not pool water.

If you’re interested in growing Sage respectfully in your zone please don’t hesitate to ask us for tips.

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