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Lemongrass in the garden

Lemongrass with it’s tall and sharp leaves blowing in the wind with a scent like the sun. We love this herb and not just for it’s signature smell, but how ‘easy’ it grows with little maintenance. 

This majestic plant has so many herbal uses like being a natural astringent meaning it ‘tightens’ tissues. Lemongrass is full of antioxidants and can stimulate the uterus bring on menstruation. Add lemongrass to your tea for to reduce inflammation in the body and support the heart. Use the tea as a natural toner for skin. We enjoy the sunshine taste of this herb in our teas and soups. 

Lemongrass can be dried by harvesting respectfully then hanging in a cool dry place. The leaves can be burned for smoke cleansing benefits and aromatherapy. Whenever we feel like inviting more good energy or money flow we will light some lemongrass and set out intentions.

Have you considered growing lemongrass or learning more about this herb? Please reach out to us!

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