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Is there such thing as too many wild plants?

Recently we’ve stumbled across the idea that maybe we planted too many non native plants and wildflowers. Is this possible? Can there be such a thing as a bad herb or flower?

 The intention behind our methods is to incorporate a diverse ecosystem where many pollinators can thrive. This includes many wild flowers such as cowpin daisies, cosmos, chamomile, sunflowers, lavender, elderberries, basil and many more flowering plants. Never did we think of our wildflower wonderland an invasive mess, but why do horticulturists insist on strictly growing native plants when there are an abundance of beautiful plants that thrive in our garden?

 We’re on a mission to responsibly cultivate medicinal and pollinator atttracting plants without creating a disruption to the environment around us. All the while our neighbors and the land around us use toxic sprays and weed killers to control the native plants that they deem unnecessary. So how is this not frowned upon but a wild, buzzing garden is?

 When did humans get to decide what grows and what doesn’t? The way we see it if the seed sprouts into a thriving plant and the pollinators get a kick out of it, then it is very necessary.

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