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How are oils detrimental to our health

If you’ve ever read the ingredients on fast food or pop tarts you’d find a couple different oils that are highly toxic to our health. 

“But it’s just vegetable oil, aren’t they good for us”?

These oils go through a series of being heated and treated to smell, taste and even be a presentable color. This process creates a toxic byproduct that hinders our cell’s ability to function.

When we consume these oils (canola, cottonseed, sunflower, soybean, corn, sesame, grapeseed) we expose our cells to free radicals. Free radicals bring inflammation and disease like obesity, heart disease, cancer, dementia even diabetes.

With so many ‘food’ products containing these hazardous oils you may feel like its impossible to avoid. 

Always prepare your food at home when possible. This eliminates eating the cheap oils restaurants and fast food establishments use.

Check ingredients on any packaged food you purchased. Especially ones geared towards children.       




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