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Growing edible flowers

Ever wondered what flowers tastes like or what they could add to a dish? We were surprised with the flavors and medicinal attributes of these colorful buds. From peppery marigold to fresh borage these blooms add a pop of color to toasts, pastas or yummy bakes. 

These flowers can be pressed and dried for decoration or freshly topped for an exquisite display. Take beautiful Borage, these flowers are high in vitamin C and A. Or Johnny Jump ups have been used for bronchial issues and are anti-microbial.

Nasturtiums are one of our favorites as they are so easy to grow and vibrantly beautiful to add on top of salads.

Here is a list of our top favorite edible flowers we have grown.






-Basil blooms


-Squash blossoms

-Anise hyssop

-Bee balm


-Tulsi blooms


If you’re interested in growing edible flowers indoors or out, please contact us!

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