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6 theories on breaking generational curses

Here are a few of our ‘theories’ to help someone see their power and realize they can continue life more peacefully by putting an END to toxic and negative behaviors within familys.

- SAY HOW YOU FEEL. No matter how uncomfortable it may be or if we are terrified of the outcome/response. By suppressing our true feelings we are suppressing the soul and any chance of resolution. We may feel like we are making a situation less difficult by remaining quiet or complacent. When we do this we are just ensuring repetition.

-SAY NO FEARLESSLY. We do not need an explanation for saying ‘no’ or to defend ourselves. Even when we are being gaslighted or guilted-no means no.

-LIMIT SOCIAL MEDIA ACCESS. An imagine still carries energy and sometimes it is hard to set boundaries with the internet. By removing some apps or blocking someone it will limit the kind of access you want them to have to your life. 

-KEEP LEARNING. Instead of racking your brain over or trying to change someone’s behavior use it as a learning experience. Keep growing from it and really appreciate the love you do have with yourself and the ones you chose to be around you. 

-STOP ENABLING. By rejecting our own true feelings we are enabling the very behavior or toxicity that needs to end. We enable every time we trauma bond.

-END TRAUMA BONDING.This looks like having a common idea or dismay over someone or situation. We trauma bond every time we talk about how much we dislike something with someone. Whether its a job, person, vice, situation etc. We must be aware of the conversations we are having with ourselves and the people in our lives. Are the interactions lifting? Do they solve problems? How do we feel after certain conversations?

We hope this offers some insight or healing to anyone that needed it.

Please contact Callie or Colby if you need some positive insight or an ear.


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