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Herbs for kids

To some a taboo but to us plant medicine has proven its power over drug store medication.

We hope to share this ancient knowledge with our children so they respect the earth and thus their own vessels. They will have confidence in their body’s and discernment for consumptions.
 It’s right under our nose but we turn to lab made concoctions with long term damage. 

What comes up for you when the discussion of plant medicine comes up? 



Should children learn about herbs?

Should children learn about herbs?

We’ve had the pleasure and joy watching our children grow, identify, taste and learn about the different herbs we grow.

It gives them a knack for choosing aromatic herbs for cooking and baking. They can grab a lambs ear or comfrey leaf for bug bites or boo-boos. The ability to understand plants uses for their body is a very useful tool.

The joy is incomparable when you sniff a rose, peppermint or Rosemary. Plants light up their senses while they learn.

 Its never too soon to explore the magic of herbalism! 

Is there such thing as too many wild plants?

Recently we’ve stumbled across the idea that maybe we planted too many non native plants and wildflowers. Is this possible? Can there be such a thing as a bad herb or flower?

 The intention behind our methods is to incorporate a diverse ecosystem where many pollinators can thrive. This includes many wild flowers such as cowpin daisies, cosmos, chamomile, sunflowers, lavender, elderberries, basil and many more flowering plants. Never did we think of our wildflower wonderland an invasive mess, but why do horticulturists insist on strictly growing native plants when there are an abundance of beautiful plants that thrive in...

Why we eat local

  We are so grateful to find fresh and local foods but knowing who grew it has become equally important. The realization that eating out meant having no clue where it came from or who made it began to nudge us.

  The call to get back to the roots and community surrounding good food could not be ignored. Today we connect with farmers and even help on the farms. We’ve developed a deeper appreciation for the food we eat as well as for the ones working so hard to preserve this precious resource.

  Our children have began to...

Gluten Free, Sugar free + healthy green banana pancakes

If you know us then you know we are ‘picky’ with what we choose to consume.

‘Picky’ meaning, we genuinely care about our health and the health of our children.

Health is directly related to what’s on our plates everyday.

This banana pancake recipe is nutrient dense and contains only wholesome ingredients.

We choose to add Philosophie products to our recipes for the quality and added nutrition.

Our children love the taste of these pancakes and green color.

They are yummy, easy to prepare and contain all the goodness for a satisfying and nourishing breakfast.